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Trial Set for Commercial Use

122.00 SR

Confidence in Quality:

  • We are highly confident in the quality of our matcha. Over 90% of businesses that sample our matcha proceed to purchase it.
  • We believe that our top-tier organic matcha can enhance customer satisfaction, increase repeat business, and elevate the quality of your offerings. We invite you to experience the best of Japan with our product.

Product Notice for Our Online Shop: Matcha Trial Set

Introduction to Our Matcha:

  • Our matcha is of high-quality Premium Grade, specifically priced for business customers. This exclusive trial set is available to help you evaluate our matcha's quality before making a purchase.

Purchase Limitations:

  • This product is strictly for business use.
  • Orders are limited to one trial set per company to ensure exclusivity.

Delivery Requirements:

  • Delivery addresses must be commercial, such as a cafe, restaurant, or company address, and must include the name of the person in charge.
  • We will verify the delivery address before shipping. Orders will be canceled if the address is deemed personal.

Ordering Multiple Sets or Specific Grades:

  • If you are interested in purchasing more than two sets or if you desire matcha of the same grade, please reach out to us through our contact form before placing your order. This ensures we can accommodate your specific needs.

Please Note:

  • Due to the premium nature and high cost of our matcha, these conditions are in place to ensure satisfaction and proper use of our product in a business environment.

01_Ryu-隆- Imperial Grade 30g
02_Yu-優- Ceremonial Grade A 30g
03_Sara-紗- Premium Grade S 30g
04_Wa-和- Cafe Grade A 30g
05_Ai-愛- Cafe Grade for Latte 30g

Trial Set for Commercial Use

122.00 SR

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

the imperial matcha is great i wish there was a smaller size sold

Unparalleled Quality

While the cost is higher compared to the matcha previously used, the aroma, color, and taste are all exceptional. The fine aroma and color allow for using less matcha in lattes while maintaining superior quality, resulting in good cost performance. Being able to purchase in quantities starting from around 2kg would be even better. Overall, the aroma and flavor are simply outstanding.

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