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What is MATCHA?


Matcha is a Japanese superfood made from ground green tea leaves.

Matcha is a traditional Japanese drink made by finely grinding green tea leaves into a powder.

Unlike standard green tea where the water extracts ingredients before discarding the leaves, matcha contains the full nutritional profile of the leaves.

It is known as a superfood with outstanding health benefits.


Matcha, a super drink that is trending worldwide, is currently all the rage.

Reason 1

New healthy food

Matcha is a nutrient-dense Japanese tea made from stone-ground green tea powder.

With antioxidants, caffeine, and more, matcha promotes health, beauty, relaxation, and vitality.

Reason 2

Tea items as an alternative to coffee

As a caffeinated tea, matcha is growing as an alternative to coffee.

Like coffee, matcha has caffeine and polyphenols that can boost focus, weight loss, and anti-aging.

Reason 3

Goes well with sweets

Matcha has a rich, umami flavor that pairs deliciously with sweeteners.

It can be used in sweets and drinks or sprinkled as powder for a traditional tea experience.

If you would like to know more about the nutrition of matcha,

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