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Japanease Organic Matcha

Our Product

Our Matcha is ertified organic, grown without chemical fertilizers and Use only the top 4% of tea leaves produced in Japan.

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Matcha is the Top of Japanease Traditional Hospitality

Authentic Culture, Crossing Time and National Boundaries.

What is MATCHA?

Matcha is a traditional Japanese drink made by finely grinding green tea leaves into a powder.

Why is Our Matcha Special?

We select authentic flavors from a historic Kyoto matcha purveyor with a 400-year legacy.

Nutritional Value of Matcha

I am writing about the nutritional value of matcha and other things that I would like everyone to know.


I was surprised to discover such authentic matcha in Saudi Arabia! The color, aroma, and taste are excellent. It’s wonderful to experience Japanese culture from afar. I highly recommend Saudis try it! I loved the 'Kyoto' as a straight matcha and 'Gion' as an iced matcha latte. Their bitterness, aroma, and fragrance transformed my home into a blissful space.


After consulting with the KyotoKismets team about dessert options for our restaurant, they came up with wonderful menu suggestions. As a result, we've received great feedback from customers about how delicious the new offerings are.

Japanese Restaurante
Industry Expert

Switched from coffee to matcha lattes and I’m hooked! Beyond the health perks and rich nutrients, its versatility shines. Perfect hot or iced, in lattes, over ice cream, or in smoothies, it's a delightful start to my day. This matcha's smooth texture, vibrant color, and rich flavor are unmatched in Saudi Arabia. Definitely a repurchase!

customer B


Matcha Mille Crepe

Matcha Mille Crepe

Matcha Mille Crepe Learn how to make a Japanese Matcha Madeleines for your happy time! Matcha Mille Crepe is a delightful and visually appealing dessert that marries the traditional Japanese...

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About Us

Introducing KyotoKismets.

My name is..

My name is Ai Nakamura, and I am the founder of KyotoKismets, an authentic Japanese matcha brand.


Our mission..

Our mission at KyotoKismets is to introduce Saudi Arabia to Japan's long and rich history of matcha tea culture, and to create new ways for people here to enjoy the tea experience.


My wish is..

My wish is that matcha will bring color, healing, happiness, and wellness to people's lives.


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