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Why is KyotoKismets matcha good?

Our Strengths


1 | Pursuing Pure Flavor

We source authentic flavors carefully selected from a long-standing Kyoto matcha purveyor with over 400 years of history.

We are uncompromising on aroma and taste, offering pure matcha without any additives.


2 | Bringing Kyoto's Traditional Taste to Saudi Arabia

Our mission is to share the charm of matcha, a treasured Japanese cultural tradition, with the people of Saudi Arabia.

We deliver the exquisite matcha found only in Kyoto, preserving its original and exceptional taste.


3 | Specialty Organic Matcha

We prioritize safety, using rare organic matcha comprising just 4% of matcha produced in Japan.

You can enjoy delicious, safe organic matcha with confidence.


4 | Fresh Taste Delivered Direct

By shipping directly from Kyoto, we provide fresh matcha to your door.

We source directly from producers and ship quickly, taking great care with preservation.

About Our Organic Matcha

Organic matcha is not only rare, but it also undergoes a meticulous production process before it's made.


The finest example of this is the traditional stone grinding method.


To prevent oxidation, matcha is stored in leaf form until it's ready to ship.


Only when an order comes in is the tea freshly stone ground into a fine powder, so it arrives in Saudi Arabia at its peak of freshness.


This traditional stone grinding technique gradually pulverizes the tea leaves through friction between a rotating top stone and fixed bottom stone.


Even modern machinery replicates the same unhurried rhythm of manual grinding, carefully controlling the temperature rise inside the mill to preserve matcha's premium quality.


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