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We provide the highest quality matcha at competitive prices.
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  • Exclusive trial kit for commercial use available, includes five different grade.
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  • Minimum order  5kg ~

Confidence in Quality:

  • We are highly confident in the quality of our matcha. Over 90% of businesses that sample our matcha proceed to purchase it.
  • We believe that our top-tier organic matcha can enhance customer satisfaction, increase repeat business, and elevate the quality of your offerings. We invite you to experience the best of Japan with our product.

Introduction to Our Matcha:

  • Our matcha is of high-quality Premium Grade, specifically priced for business customers. This exclusive trial set is available to help you evaluate our matcha's quality before making a purchase

Organic JAS certified 

Organic JAS certification , so you can enjoy it safely and securely.

Purchase Limitations:

  • This product is strictly for business use.
  • Orders are limited to one trial set per company to ensure exclusivity.

Delivery Requirements:

  • Delivery addresses must be commercial, such as a cafe, restaurant, or company address, and must include the name of the person in charge.
  • We will verify the delivery address before shipping. Orders will be canceled if the address is deemed personal.

Ordering Multiple Sets or Specific Grades:

  • If you are interested in purchasing more than two sets or if you desire matcha of the same grade, please reach out to us through our contact form before placing your order. This ensures we can accommodate your specific needs.

Please Note:

  • Due to the premium nature and high cost of our matcha, these conditions are in place to ensure satisfaction and proper use of our product in a business environment.


1)隆(RYU)  -Green-  Imperial  grade for Koicha ,Usucha,First Spring Harvest, Stone Ground

2)優(Yu)  -Pink-     Ceremonial GradeS、First Spring Harvest, Stone Ground,First Spring Harvest, Stone Ground

3)紗(Sara)-Purple- Ceremonial Grade A for Usucha,First Spring Harvest, Stone Ground,First Spring Harvest, Stone Ground

4)和(Wa)-Blue-  Premium Cafe Grade,st Harvest Blended with 2nd Harvest, Beat Milled

5)愛(Ai) -Yellow-   Cafe Grade ,1st Harvest Blended with 2nd Harvest, Beat Milled


4% organic cultivation in Japan

Our All Matcha are Only 4% of organic tea is grown in Japan. Processing, storage, and transportation are all controlled in accordance with strict regulations.

Rich greenery, rich matcha aroma with a rich and deep taste


The high Quality Japanease Organic  matcha

Using tencha made by traditional manufacturing methods, it is finished into fragrant naturally made powdered matcha. Rich greenery, rich matcha aroma with a rich and deep taste

Using organic matcha rich in nutrients

It is a very valuable organic powdered matcha with only 4% domestic production Japan.

Matcha tea leaves are full of nutrients such as theanine, protein, various vitamins, and minerals.

The action of catechins contained in matcha tea leaves prevents vitamin C from breaking down and allows effective ingestion.

Generally, tea drunk in a teapot leaves a lot of catechins in the tea husk, and in fact only about 30% can be ingested, but with this powdered matcha, you can ingest 100% of the catechins.

In addition, the theanine contained in matcha has a relaxing effect. Vitamin C for every day with firmness. It supports the health problems of many people today and the health of your skin.

Organic JAS certified and safe

Organic JAS certification , so you can enjoy it safely and securely.

It can also be used as a matcha powder for confectionery such as cakes and sweets, matcha latte, etc.

【For preservation and gifts】The expiration date is one year  from the date of shipping, so you can always for strage.

【domestic tea leaves used】

In order to condense the umami, matcha is grown by covering the tea garden with straw to avoid sunlight at a certain place.

After that, the tea made by steaming the cultivated shoots and drying them without rubbing them is called tencha, and the tencha is ground with a stone mill to turn it into powder.

The finished product becomes matcha.

There are many types of matcha, and the more high-grade matcha is, the less bitter it is and the more elegant the taste.

In addition, matcha can also be drunk as a health drink in recent years because it can ingest the whole nutrients of tea.

If you take it whole, of course, organic matcha is safer and more secure.

(Purchase of Commercial Use)For commercial use, the importer must apply to SFDA.On the back label has all information  required for SFDA applications.

【Product name】Organic Maccha  

【 company】KyotoKismets Inc.

【Net weight】5kg(100g*100)

【Product details】Organic,100% made in Japan

【 Expiry date 】More than 6 months from the date of shipment

Trial Set for Wholesale

147.00 SR

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