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Royal Grade Matcha 京都-Kyoto-&祇園-Gion- First Limited

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This is an exclusive first release, limited only 200 sets. 

Don't miss out on this premier opportunity – our next sale will in autumn.


Exclusive Kyoto Matcha Set: A Blend of Tradition and Excellence

Premium Kyoto Matcha Collection Embark on a journey to the heart of Japan with our exclusive matcha collection. Crafted with precision in a city where tradition meets excellence, this selection elevates your tea rituals to the pinnacle of luxury.

Kyoto Essence & Gion's Allure

  • Kyoto Essence: Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of "Kyoto" matcha. Ideal for ceremonial gatherings, it offers a deep flavor and an inviting aroma that encapsulates the essence of its namesake city.
  • Gion's Allure: Explore the vibrant "Gion" matcha, celebrated for its lush green hue and robust taste, perfect for those seeking a profound tea experience.

     ※Kyoto 30g  Gion 30g 

Optimal Preparation & Freshness To fully enjoy the exquisite taste of our matcha, it is crucial to use water at 80°C and thoroughly dissolve the powder with a bamboo whisk until smooth. The superior quality and freshness of our matcha are of paramount importance, ensuring an unparalleled tea experience.

Shelf Life & Freshness Assurance Our matcha boasts a shelf life of 6-8 months from shipment, emphasizing the importance of freshness in delivering the finest matcha experience. Unlike the general retail shelf life of 2-3 years, we prioritize the delivery of matcha that is freshly made directly from production.

Nutritional Powerhouse & Wellness Our matcha is a treasure trove of health benefits, packed with theanine, protein, vitamins, and essential minerals. Sourced from a select 4% of Japan's matcha production, our rare and organic powder ensures effective vitamin C absorption, promoting health and relaxation.

Quality Assurance & Safety Enjoy peace of mind with our matcha, certified organic by  JAS, and tested for safety and quality. Whether used in baking or latte-making, our versatile matcha meets the highest standards.

A Gift of Wellness Present a year of indulgence with our pesticide-free matcha, a thoughtful gesture for special occasions. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our matcha offers a refined experience, promising less bitterness and more refinement.

Elevate Your Tea Experience Choose our organic matcha for a safe and enriching tea experience. With a sip of tradition and a taste of excellence, our matcha transforms daily rituals into luxurious moments of wellbeing.

Royal Grade Matcha "Kyoto" & "Gion"

Limited Edition: Dive into the world of premium ceremonial grade matcha with only 200 sets available, sourced directly from Japan for unmatched purity and vitality.

Kyoto 30g  Gion 30 g

Why Our Matcha?

Experience the energy-boosting, relaxing, and health-promoting properties of matcha, a superior alternative to coffee and a perfect companion for sweets. Our matcha caters to all preferences, from Ceremonial to Culinary Grade, ensuring freshness, quality, and free worldwide shipping, with all products 100% made in Japan and JAS certified.

Embrace the Elegance of Matcha

Shop now and step into a world of refined taste and wellness with Kismets' Matcha, where each cup is a testament to the elegance and benefits of premium Kyoto matcha.

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Royal Grade Matcha 京都-Kyoto-&祇園-Gion- First Limited

635.00 SR

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
repeat purchase

I tried it for personal use and found the packaging to be excellent as well, I purchased it as a birthday gift for my friend.

Excellent quality!

Among everything I've tried before, both the color and the scent are wonderful!

The best matcha of my life!!!


Perfect for Gifts

I chose this for my sister’s birthday, who loves matcha. Although I'm not a fan of matcha myself, I bought it because matcha is synonymous with Japan. My sister, a matcha lover, was thrilled with the quality, taste, and the color of the matcha when she opened it. It made the perfect gift, and I was happy about that. She even plans to use the box and can as decorative pieces in her home.

I'm happy it came with a bamboo whisk Free!

I always mixed matcha with a teaspoon, thinking the powder didn't dissolve well. The first time I used the whisk, I was surprised how much sweeter and smoother it was. Also, it arrived from Japan in a week, faster than I expected, so I look forward to enjoying matcha with my sister during Eid!

This matcha was completely different from any I've had before!

I was hesitant because it was a bit expensive for a first try, but I was amazed by the quality difference after buying it. It's nothing like the "matcha" I thought I knew. For the first time, I found matcha delicious. I used to drink it just for health, but now I want to drink it because it's tasty. Thank you.The box made of washi paper is wonderful, and the packaging feels luxurious, perfect for gifts. The small card inside with a comment is also great, showing the owner's passion. The illustration on how to make matcha latte was very nice too.I was able to have a wonderful Japanese cultural experience. Thank you so much.

The best quality, a luxurious time for my weekend.

This was my first time experiencing such matcha! The color, aroma, and taste were all different from the ceremonial grade matcha I used to buy at the supermarket. Making it into a latte was the ultimate luxury. I'll invite my friends over and host a matcha party during the Eid holiday.

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