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6_『新緑-Shinryoku-』Green Tea Bag 10packs(2,000 tea bags)

2,436.00 SR

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"Midori" is a premium green tea bag designed for both casual and formal use in restaurants and cafes.

Midori is a high-quality green tea, selected from the first harvest and processed to preserve the full spectrum of its flavors.

Crafted with tradition and quality in mind, Midori offers an exceptional tea experience for your customers, enhancing the beverage selection of any establishment.


【Organic JAS Certified 】

All our products have passed rigorous certification tests and have organic JAS certification. Safe and organic green tea bags.


【10% Organic Cultivation in Japan】

Only 10% of tea is organically grown in Japan, with strict controls on processing, storage, and transportation. Vibrant green color, rich aroma, and full-bodied flavor.

After harvesting, the leaves are steamed and dried without being crushed to produce Sencha, preserving their natural qualities. These leaves are then used to make our premium tea bags.


【High-Quality Domestic Organic Green Tea Bags】

Using leaves processed by traditional methods, our tea bags deliver a naturally aromatic and flavorful brew. Rich in color, aroma, and taste.


【Nutrient-Rich Organic Green Tea】

Our valuable organic green tea bags are made from leaves that account for only 10% of Japan's domestic production.

These tea leaves are packed with theanine, proteins, various vitamins, and minerals.

The catechins in the tea leaves help to preserve vitamin C, allowing for effective absorption.


【Health Benefits with Catechins and Vitamin C】

The theanine in green tea provides a relaxing effect, while vitamin C supports daily health and skin health, addressing common health concerns.


【Expiration date】

More than 1 year  from the order.

6_『新緑-Shinryoku-』Green Tea Bag 10packs(2,000 tea bags)

2,436.00 SR

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hassan Al-Mutairi
The taste and color are deep and rich!

The green tea I used before was a light yellow color. For the first time, I can serve my customers a drink that really matches the name "Green Tea." I will design the menu carefully to recommend it to customers so they will order it.

Repeat purchase

Great quolity. The tea we used before was light yellow, but this sencha is green and has a strong aroma. It's also reasonable.Wonderful.

Amazing Green Tea

I was amazed by its rich flavor, color, and umami. Most customers are surprised too. It's more reasonable than matcha and just as good.

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