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Our Matcha can make your day wonderfully healthy

JAS Certified Organic

Top 4% Cereminial Grade 

Directly shipped from Japan

Rich Nutrition

Selected by Japanese experts and tea masters

Multi-use for drinks, sweets, and cooking

vibrant color and rich aroma

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Already know Matcha?

Matcha is the healthy new drink that's trending globally. Because…

It's a Super  Drink

Matcha's nutrients include polyphenols, L-theanine, vitamins, and more.

Matcha is celebrated for its health benefits.


・Rich in antioxidants

・Boosts energy Offers relaxation

・Aids in cancer prevention

Lowers bad cholesterol


This makes every moment of relaxation also a beneficial one for your body.

Coffee Replacement

  In New York and many Europe country , matcha is gaining popularity as an alternative to coffee since it shares compounds like caffeine and antioxidants.


With the stimulating effects of caffeine and the calming properties of L-theanine, your day will transform into something more refined.

Perfect for Sweets

Matcha has a rich, umami taste not found in regular tea.

It goes well with sweets and is often used as an ingredient in desserts and baked goods.

You can mix it into drinks, sprinkle matcha powder onto sweets, or incorporate it into ice cream.

The flavor and vibrant green color make for an appealing, colorful treat.

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What is Matcha?

Matcha is made by finely grinding whole green tea leaves into a powder.

Matcha green tea powder has incredible health benefits. 


It contains 137x the antioxidants of a cup of standard green tea leaves.


Matcha enhances energy, boosts metabolism and protects against cancer.

JAS Certification

All Kismets' matcha

 is certified 

Our matcha, grown without chemical fertilizers, is certified organic, ensuring you enjoy the whole leaf with exceptional flavor, health, and safety.


Kismets' matcha proudly holds Japan's organic certification (JAS:Japan Agricultural Standards), recognized globally through compatibility with Euro-leaf and USDA standards, affirming its status as a trusted organic food product.

京都 -Kyoto-

If you want to enjoy it as a straight tea(Usucha ,Koicha),try “Kyoto”, Which has a mild bitterness, deep richness and a subtle sweetness.


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祇園 -Gion-

If you want to enjoy matcha latte ,try “Gion”,which has an exquisite aroma and perfect balance of bitterness.

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Kismets's Matcha Ceremonial Grade

Matcha quality varies by use, resulting in grades for specific purposes.


Ceremonial Grade

Highest quality, young tea leaves, sweet flavor. Ideal for traditional tea ceremonies.


Premium Grade:

Good balance, suitable for daily drinking. Pleasant, slightly grassy taste.


Culinary Grade

Stronger, more bitter flavor. Best used in cooking and baking.

3Check Points for

 Delicious Matcha

Beautiful Vibrant Green 

Our matcha has an elegant, bright green unlike the yellowish hues of inferior matcha.


Its vibrant color signifies the careful production of premium tea.

Rich Aroma

KyotoKismets' matcha offers a luxury experience in every sip, with a standout rich aroma.


It brings a sweet, refined scent, enhancing your drink with  unforgettable flavor depth.


Designed for those who cherish high-quality tea's simple elegance, it delivers a pure, delightful taste.

Deeply Rich Flavor

Low quality matcha smells boring or overcooked.


Our matcha boasts a refined, sweet scent that enhances the experience of any tea time.



Comitment to you

We Source Only 4% Organic Japanese Matcha

Our matcha is JAS certified organic, grown without chemical fertilizers .


Because you ingest the whole leaf when drinking matcha, we provide exceptional flavor along with health and safety.

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Shipped Directly from Japan

Matcha production, to deliver exceptional quality.


Our products ship directly from our tea shop in Kyoto when you place an order.

Free Worldwide Shipping

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Experiences from Our Customers

Yukiko T.

Matcha Moments is My Sanctuary

With my little kidas at home, finding moments to refresh is difficult.

My sanctuary is in the quiet minutes of making matcha after they leave.

The calmness of preparing it and its soothing aroma provide me with peace.

This matcha time heals, renews my spirit, and powers me up to greet my family with joy. It's an unmatched luxury, far better than any café.

Yoko S.

Amazed by Authentic Matcha in Saudi!

“I never expected to find such authentic matcha here in Saudi Arabia! Its quality in color, aroma, and taste exceeded my expectations, offering a glimpse of Japanese culture from afar.

I highly recommend it, especially the 'Kyoto' for traditional matcha and 'Gion' as a refreshing iced latte. Both varieties impress with their rich flavor and aroma, transforming any setting into a serene retreat.

I would like to share this matcha experience with my sudi friends.

Yuka H.

Focus & Performance Boost with Matcha

Switched from coffee to matcha, boosting my focus with its mix of calming L-theanine and caffeine.

This morning ritual, especially with "Kyoto" and "Gion" taste a rich aroma and the inherent sweetness of tea leave, so I drink without sugar. and customize with almond milk ,honey,coconuts milk .

Matcha has become like a business partner for me.

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1.Are all the products made in Japan?

Yes, they are all 100% made in Japan and are JAS(Japanese Agricultural Standards) certified.

JAS are compatible with the Euro leaf and USDA.

2. Why do we insist on stone-milled matcha?

Because its smoother, richer quality. Augh it lthorequires more effort, the traditional stone-milling process maximizes the preservation of flavor and color.

3. How many days does it take from  order to delivery?

elivery will take approximately two weeks after payment is completed.

4.What are the beauty benefits of matcha?

Drinking matcha boosts skin health and glow with antioxidants like catechins, vitamin C, and chlorophyll, detoxifying and protecting the skin.

5.How long is the best-before date? 

It takes about 8 to 12 months after delivery.

6. Why do we insist on stone-milled matcha?

Because its smoother, richer quality. Augh it lthorequires more effort, the traditional stone-milling process maximizes the preservation of flavor and color.

7. Do all orders track the tracking number?

Yup. We maintain transparency, so all products are shipped with internationally valid tracking codes.

8.Is the shipping fee is included?

Yes. international shipping is included .You have to pay only Duty Tax.

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